Arts such as music, dance, drama, painting, & literature are a crucial part of every child’s development. Overwhelming evidence shows the positive impacts that artistic pursuits have on the academic growth, social awareness, and the overall well-being of children from all walks of life.

By fostering imagination and self-expression in our youth, we equip them with a broadened cultural knowledge & the creative confidence to approach problem-solving with an improved skill set. Kids who participate in arts activities generally achieve higher grades in other school subjects.

As our educational systems are faced with ever-growing pressures to reduce arts activities, it is even more important that communities recognize the value of fine arts in our lives and provide the environment for them to thrive. NCAFA&E is devoted to bringing the best quality of arts resources to our hometowns while providing a valuable stage for talented local artists of our rich and diverse region. These public events are provided free of charge thanks in part to your generous support.