Mission Statement:

The NCA Art Gallery brings quality Fine Art to our community with good taste & family values. The artists are professionals as well as emerging new artists.

The artwork is open to all Artist and chosen by a selection committee under the direction of Art Coordinator, Charlotte Rierson.

Art Gallery hours are Monday through Friday 9:00-4:00 unless special events or conferences then the hours will be extended. The viewing of the Art is open & free of charge to the public. All art is available for purchase.

The NCA Art Gallery is sponsored by the North Central Arkansas Foundation for the Arts & Education (NCAFA&E) and The City of Fairfield Bay. For more information, contact:

Charlotte Rierson

NCA Art Coordinator. 501-884-6100 or chardon@artelco.com 

Wilba Thompson

Conference Center Director. 501-884-4202 or wilba@ffbcc.com