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NCAFAE Southside School Exhibit

School children from the South Side district exhibit their artworks at the community gallery.

Founded in 1990, the North Central Arkansas Foundation for Art & Education is composed of a group of dedicated individuals committed to enhancing the cultural environment of Van Buren, Stone, and Cleburne Counties. Through grants, public programs, and generous sponsors, we have become the region's premier organizer of fine arts events.

We provide venues for live music performances by nationally-renowned artists and budding local talent, as well as rotating art exhibits that showcase a range of styles and genres. Our outreach extends to the area's schools with programs such as the "Artmobile" and public exhibits of student artworks in the community. Our widely-acclaimed holiday events have brought special guest artists & performing groups from all over the world.

Our belief in the power of the arts to enrich lives & expand the horizons of our youth is the driving force behind our goal to reach every student with the chance to experience the wonder of discovery and creative expression. These pursuits - whether musical, visual, or literary - encourage us to transcend our limitations and motivate us to excellence. They hold a precious influence that all ages have a right to enjoy.

New President, Kim Walker

Kim was inducted into the NCAF&E in 2015 by long-time President, Lea Berry, through the shared passion of creating art. Serving on the Board of Directors allows her to share her compassion to bring art education to North Central Arkansas children. Kim is currently co-owner of Sophisticuts Salon in Shirley, AR.

At a Glance:

  • Animal Lover

  • Veteran/Patriotic Supporter

  • Designer

  • Multi-Tasker

  • Realist Consultant

Charity Affiliations:

  • NCAFA&E | Fairfield Bay, AR

  • Fairfield Bay Art League

  • Daughters of the American Revolution | Little Red River Chapter

  • Daughters of the Republic of Texas | Lone Star Chapter

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Licensed Cosmetologist, Master Colorist, & Designer

  • 30 years experience in salon/spa management, cosmetology, and "Behind the Chair Counseling"!

Personal Accomplishments?

Leaving everything & everyone Better!

Why non-profit work?

For helping those in need & less fortunate, and for the joy of creating & sharing Art


Everything can be an inspiration!

Spare time:

What spare time?

Favorite Activities:

Spending time with husband & family, friends, and pets; Traveling; Exploring; Creating; Volunteering


Individualism, Sense of humor

Favorite Artist:


Favorite Hero:

Jesus Christ

Board of Directors:

  • Former president Lea Berry has long been the driving force behind the NCAFAE's efforts. She is a long-time resident of Fairfield Bay and an active administrator of a wide variety of arts & community activities.

  • Secretary: Janice Thompson

  • Treasurer: Mary Su Forsman

  • John Foster

  • Pamma Henderson

  • Gay Ryan

  • Wilba Thompson

  • Angela Worrell

Why are the Arts so important?

Arts such as music, dance, drama, painting, & literature are a crucial part of every child's development. Overwhelming evidence shows the positive impacts that artistic pursuits have on the academic growth, social awareness, and the overall well-being of children from all walks of life.

By fostering imagination and self-expression in our youth, we equip them with a broadened cultural knowledge & the creative confidence to approach problem-solving with an improved skill set. Kids who participate in arts activities generally achieve higher grades in other school subjects.

As our educational systems are faced with ever-growing pressures to reduce arts activities, it is even more important that communities recognize the value of fine arts in our lives and provide the environment for them to thrive. NCAFA&E is devoted to bringing the best quality of arts resources to our hometowns while providing a valuable stage for talented local artists of our rich and diverse region. These public events are provided free of charge thanks in part to your generous support.

Season of Events

Sept. 16, 2017: Beatles at the Ridge

Oct. 12, 2017: Wanda Watson Duo

Nov. 5, 2017: Arkansas Brass Band

Nov. 17, 2017: Westside School Teletroup

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Address: P.O. Box 1676
Fairfield Bay, Arkansas 72088
Conference Center Gallery:
110 Lost Creek Pkwy | 501-884-4202
E-mail: ncaarts@ncafae.org

If your school is in Cleburne, Stone, or Van Buren Counties in Arkansas, and would be interested in participating in our Arts in Education Program, please Contact Us for more details.